4 key ways to manage your soft skills for better career progression

What are your soft skills like in the workplace? 

Are you unwittingly slowing down your career progression? 

In the workplace it’s not only about what you do.  You are evaluated on how you come across.

What is your impact?  How is it perceived by others? Is it stopping you from getting that promotion?

Here are some of the barriers that could be blocking your career progression:

You are hiding away:  you don’t speak up in meetings and you hide behind email instead of getting on the phone to clients.

You lack gravitas: you reduce your status through your use of language and project a lack of confidence with your body language.

What can you do about it?

How to raise your self-awareness about how you come across.

  1. When was the last time you spoke up at a meeting?

Keep a tally of how often you speak up in meetings.  Is it higher or lower than you expected?

What changes do you want to make?


  1. How much are you hiding behind your laptop?

If you need to get in touch with clients or your team, how often do you opt for email? 

What’s stopping you from getting on the phone and having a conversation that will deepen your relationship? 

Keep a tally of how often you send an email instead of using the phone. 


  1. Think about the image you project of yourself through your use of language.

Are you using language that reduces your status?  “Could I just…”?  Try removing the “just” from your request.

Do you apologise unnecessarily: “I’m sorry to disturb you…”?

Are you bigging up a reasonable request into a favour:” I wondered if you could possibly…”?

Look at someone you consider to be confident.  What kind of language do they use when they want something done?  How can you apply that?


  1. Think about the image you project of yourself through your posture.

What is your stance like in a meeting?  Are you a sloucher?

A good posture sends positive messages to the brain.  What message is your posture projecting?


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