Is it your career that is spiraling out of control or your Imposter Syndrome?

Career, Imposter Syndrome, Sprials

Are things really as bad as you think? 

Could a changeable market open up better opportunities for you?

The advertising and marketing industry is always the first to be hit by change but it is quick to adapt and is now starting to stabilize around uncertainty. 

But what about you?

Are you still living with anxiety and hanging onto a job you hate because you’re too nervous to stick your head above the parapet and see what else is out there?

Are you stuck in the same conversation loop with yourself that comes back to having a safety net? 

Career stability has now become a thing of the past. 

I expect account handlers under the age of thirty to be made redundant at least once in their career.  Yet I notice that when it happens, they make a quick recovery and forge ahead of those who stuck it out in a dull job they didn’t enjoy.

How can change can make a positive difference to your career? 

If you would like me to work with you on preventing Imposter Syndrome from damaging your career progression then please contact me