How to Impress at Interview

Imposter Syndrome, mask, audition

How to impress at interview.  Warning, it may involve you running it!! 

An interview is like an audition.  It’s not so much about how well you can do the role but how well you perform on the day.  Your achievements do not speak for themselves (a common mistake!).

You are the scriptwriter and you need to have rehearsed your script.  However, you still need to be able to ad lib on the day, otherwise you will appear wooden.

Don’t assume that the interviewer is either competent or familiar with the contents of your CV!  So, you might end up directing yourself as well!  If you are asked the dreaded “Tell me about yourself”… you need to make sure that your achievements are at your fingertips because at this point you are running the interview.

The hardest part is putting across your personality.  Think of achievements that give a flavour of you as a person. 

The interviewer wants to be able to visualize you in the role.  Paint a picture of what you are like using a narrative to give an idea of your character.  As one of my client’s said “They need to have a story”.

What’s your story?

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