Is a lack of confidence stopping you from recognizing your achievements?

Achievement, Confidence, Career Ladder

It can be hard to show the value you bring; especially if time has passed and you are struggling with self-doubt and a loss of identity. 

What might be standing in your way?

A lot of my clients are unclear as to what counts as an achievement.

What is an achievement?

The dictionary defines it as something that has been gained by effort.  Yet I have noticed that a lot of my clients focus only on the gain and ignore the effort.  However, it is usually the effort that contributes to your learning and that is where your value lies.  You may have expended huge effort and made only small gains but a future employer will be keen to hear how you overcame the challenges you faced and what that might mean for their organization.

Remember, achievements are only in the context of the organization you work for so it is unhelpful for your Imposter Syndrome to start comparing you to other people in different companies. 

Are you confusing achievement with delivery? 

Achievements are not just about deliverables.  So, for example, if you manage multiple stakeholders and spend your time refereeing internal squabbles, your skills will be deciding which battles are worth winning and how to handle stakeholders with firmness and tact whilst driving the project forwards and taking everyone with you.  You value lies in knowing how to solve these issues.

What can you do to bolster your confidence?

Build a portfolio for yourself of your achievements.  Gather all the “thank you” emails, references and recommendations and glue them in a scrap book or put them on a mood board.  As you do so, think back to when you received the “thank you” or recommendation.  How did it make you feel at the time?  How can you keep that feeling?

Going through the process of reflecting, cutting and sticking is not only mindful but gives the brain chance to really process your achievements and make them meaningful for you. This is much more effective than shoving it all into an electronic folder on your computer where you will file and forget. 

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