Are you uncertain what kind of leader you want to be?
Are you lacking confidence around your new promotion?
Are you concerned you may not make it past your first 90 days?
Are you a functional specialist needing to develop more commercial skills?

I regularly work with newly appointed leaders to successfully handle the first 90 days in a new role where it is less about what you do and much more about how you come across. The first 90 days are crucial and you need the very best experience and knowledge on your side. I use my in-depth knowledge from recruitment and my expertise as a coach to work with you to find out what kind of leader you want to be, help you build your confidence and support you as you establish your new identity.

What can you do to ensure your first 90 days are a success?

Some do’s and don’ts
Do think about what kind of impact you want to make. In the first 90 days it is much more about how you come across rather than what you do.
Do find ways to build up your confidence. What are three quick wins to help you do this?
Don’t project the old company culture onto the new one. Have an open mind. Find out what the new company expects of you.
Don’t hold back so that new colleagues don’t get to know you. This will leave you wondering how long you can sustain it. Instead think about what kind of leader you want to be.

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“Catherine is a very effective coach who has helped me bring real clarity and purpose to my current role. Her questions are well chosen, thought provoking and lead to tangible outcomes. I have really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her as a coach.”

Brig. Mike Butterwick

British Army


“My coaching session with Catherine had just the right mix of warm support and gentle challenge to help move me forward in deciding some clear next steps. Catherine gives you her full attention and in so doing, asks questions tailored just to you and your topic, so that you feel a sense of satisfa…

Ellie Highwood

Climate Scientist


“I highly recommend Catherine as a coach. I have found her to be a good listener who asks thoughtful and challenging questions. She gives me time to organise my thoughts and consider new perspectives in order to come up with a workable way forward. She is a very practical individual, feet squarely…

Caroline Hempstead

Senior Executive Coaching and Corporate Affairs Consultant


“I have been coached by Catherine now on several occasions and find her style to be calm and reassuring. She excels at asking challenging and powerful questions which often require me to think outside the box and lead me to some really helpful thoughts and actions. I can highly recommend her.&#822…

Tonia Lovell

Former Chief Legal Officer Unilever & Non-Exec Director EY


“Catherine has helped me unpick some complex team issues over a series of coaching sessions. Catherine’s balanced and structured approach has led to a series of simple, easy to achieve steps that have had a real impact on my working life. She has an ability to ask challenging questions whilst al…

Becca Chapman

Data & Performance Analysis Manager


“She is experienced, observant, responsive and flexible with what shows up at the moment. She truly excels in powerful questions that allow the client to explore beyond current thinking.”

Zita Delevic

Professional Certified Coach Assessor & Former President of The International Coach Federation


“Within 5 minutes Catherine had managed to give me not only a clear view of what steps I needed to take to pull myself out of the ‘spiral’ I’d got into, but also how to start shaping what I want to do going forward. Thank you so much.”


Programme Manager - Management Consultancy


“I am the current Director of a £1Bn plus recruiting business based within the public sector. I have been fortunate to meet Catherine through a mutual friend. The success of any coaching relationship is trust, mutual respect and understanding. The relationship that I have built up with Catherine …

John Matthews

Deputy Director Armed Forces Recruiting Programme