Three Ways Imposter Syndrome is Hurting your Career Prospects

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Three ways Imposter Syndrome is hurting your career prospects: 

  1. You’re procrastinating! You’ve been made redundant and you’re worried about how you’re going to pay the rent come September. Even so, you are delaying marketing yourself and keep hoping things might get better.
    2. You won’t approach your existing network because you’re not sure how to make the approach without losing face
    3. You won’t extend your network and approach new contacts on a speculative basis because you fear rejection.

All this is stopping you from moving forwards and in the long term it is going to potentially damage your career and cost you money.

A client who works in outplacement said to me last week “There’s a tsunami coming and we’re going to be slammed!” This means more people are going to be made redundant and if you don’t get a move on, then someone else will take the job that you could have done.

If you are feeling stuck about moving forwards, it is likely that you have a fear of failure. This can be caused by some deeply held incorrect beliefs.

An incorrect belief might be: if you approach your existing network that they are going to think you are unworthy in some way. Really? Is that what you would think if someone from your network approached you? Instead, wouldn’t you remember how good they were at their job and think of ways to help them?

Another unhelpful story that you tell yourself might be, “If I approach a new contact and they say “no”, then it means that I can never, ever approach them again. I only have one chance so I need to get it right first time.” How true is this? Have you ever changed your mind? Have you said “no”, when what you really meant was “not at the moment”? What can you tell yourself that is more helpful?

In real life we tend to start with our feelings. We wait for them to change first with the hope that our behaviour will follow. However, the feelings change last. In order to change the behaviour we need to start by changing the thinking. So, in coaching I start by working with you to change your thinking so that you can make a change to your behaviour which will benefit you. Once you see the benefits, the feelings eventually come. But this happens last of all.

What incorrect beliefs do you have? What unhelpful stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What do you need to change about your thinking in order to move forward with your career?

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