How to Manage your Job Search during the Covid19 Downturn

Job Search, bulletin board

Manage your job search during the Covid-19 downturn.  Tips to survive the recession.  According to the British Chambers of Commerce over a third of firms plan to decease the size of their workforce due to record falls in business activity.

I am pretty seasoned when it comes to surviving a recession thanks to over 20 years in recruitment and my experience as a career coach.  This will be my third recession and I am sharing my expertise with a lot of senior and junior executives who have been furloughed or made redundant and want to steal the march on their peers by gaining a competitive advantage.

I am seeing mistakes being made such as “I’ll wait for a bit” until I’m really panicking. Or unsubstantiated assumptions “things will pick up in September (as I can survive until then)”.

What might stop you getting another role?

  • Lack of clarity as to what you want next
  • Hoping that the right opportunity will show up
  • Expectation that the next role will come from an advertised position
  • Achievements that haven’t been well communicated on your CV
  • Existing contacts that are no longer useful

What can you do to help yourself?

Be pro-active! Come up with a career rescue plan for yourself

Take a targeted approach to company research.  Look at which sectors are doing well. For example, in the advertising and marketing industry, I would investigate healthcare.

Clarify what you want to do next and what you have to offer.

The next role is unlikely to come from an advertised position.  Find out about the hidden job market and how to navigate it

Think about how to market yourself

Get your network up to date.  Start building a relationship with companies that are of interest to you.  Who can they put you in touch with?

Find ways to maintain your resilience.  How can you support yourself?  Where else can you go for support?

Having a plan that you can focus on will help you manage your Imposter Syndrome symptoms

Do you need support with your career plan?  Then why not call me on 02030581790 or contact me to find out what I can do for you.