A common theme when I am talking to senior management in creative agencies about recruitment is the constant eye rolling and “what can you do” rhetoric with regard to managing the expectations of the new generation of account handlers coming up through the agency.

There is a feeling among some agency seniors (wrongly) that the new generation are self-entitled and overly-ambitious with the desire to run before they can walk. Indeed they are lucky to be working in such a great creative agency at all!

Well it might be an idea for the creative agencies to hear how this generation view you!

From my conversations with them, a lot of account handlers are aware that the agency has hired them on the back of their intelligence, hard work and competitive desire to really prove themselves. Yet whilst the agency enjoys and, in some cases, even exploits the energy and drive that these millennials bring into the workplace, there is the expectation that they should put their ambition on the back burner.

As an agency you are asking them to slow down their ambition but speed up their output.

However, they are looking at you with the same critical eye. Their “reward misery” is compounded by a lack of transparency as these fast-paced individuals see a stodgy management system that is resistant to change, hard of hearing and slow with its decision-making.

Rather than turning a deaf ear perhaps it’s time to tap into their energy and reward them on results.