With so many avenues open to approaching clients direct you may wonder what the point is of using a Recruitment Consultant. After all Linked In makes it very easy to ping your CV direct over to an HR department and get yourself an interview that way. So why bother with a recruitment consultant?



Getting an interview is just the beginning of the process.

Just because you are good at your job, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you are good at interviews! A good recruiter can be instrumental in helping you secure your dream job by getting you match fit for the interview.

The Recruitment Consultant can take you through a “practice” interview and give you feedback on areas that you need to work on ready for your “real” interview. The Recruitment Consultant will also know the clients you are going to meet and can give you an indication of what questions are likely to come up and the areas that the client likes to focus on.

A common complaint from candidates who approach agencies direct is the lack of feedback after the initial interview.

A lot of this is to do with the fact you are dealing with a busy HR department so you are hearing things third hand. If you are successful you aren’t told anything beyond the fact that there is a second meeting. This means that you have no way of knowing if you are borderline and how many people you are up against.

Worse still, in the cases where candidates aren’t successful, they often don’t hear any feedback at all and are left to interpret the radio silence.

Approaching an agency through a Recruitment Consultant means that the consultant can press for feedback on your behalf and help you learn from it for the next time.



It can be difficult to negotiate the best deal for yourself as you may not necessarily be aware of all the factors such as the client’s budget. In addition there can be a slight reticence about trying to get the best deal for yourself for fear of pushing the client away.

Even researching salaries to find out your market value can be a bit of a quagmire since job titles may offer a broad range of salaries depending on which level they are targeting. For example Junior Account Manager and Senior Account Manager is usually covered by the eponymous title of Account Manager.

Salary negotiation is bread and butter to most Recruitment Consultants so they are generally confident about getting you the best deal possible. Not only will they have all the latest information on market rates but in addition will have an idea of the client’s budget to help you get the best deal for yourself without risking the offer.

Overall, the support and coaching from a good Recruitment Consultant can help to give you the edge over a candidate who has gone direct.