How to Turn Yourself into a Superstar Candidate

What is the magical formula that turns an “ordinary” Candidate into a Superstar?

Academics + Experience + Attitude

But the most important of these is Attitude. It is the one element that can carry the day in an interview as Clients tend to regard Academics and Experience as a given.

Your Attitude makes up your USP and can easily put you ahead of other candidates competing for the same role.

To test your Attitude try answering the following questions: 

  • Do you just keep the train on the tracks or do you add value?
  • What is so special about having you on the account?
  • Do your Clients see you as indispensable?
  • Would you describe yourself as more energetic than your colleagues?
  • Do you have a “let’s – make – it – happen – regardless – of – the – problems” philosophy?

And Most Importantly Of All:

  • Do you have creative passion?

The last question is the most obvious of all. But you would be surprised the number of times Clients feedback that the Candidate didn’t live and breathe advertising.

Attitude is something that can be worked on and it is worth considering how your Attitude comes across at interview.